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Custom Foam Interiors

Having the correct interior is critical to protecting your valuable payload. For every application, there is an optimal insert design and method of manufacture.

So, how do you know which interior design and foam material will work best for you? This is where our technical experts can help. Below are choices of foam interior designs.

Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are manually cut and strategically placed within the case to support the component(s). This interior design is best suited to support and protect 1 - 2 components (of similar size).

Foam Lining

The case is lined with foam (0.5 in. or thicker). This is ideal for general purpose applications where dedicated component cavities are not required.

Foam Lining + Blocks

As the name suggests, this is a foam lined case which also has foam blocks strategically placed to support the component(s). This interior design is often used to protect equipment which has protruding elements (such as connectors) and is best suited for a maximum of 3 components (of similar size).

Foam Layers

The case is filled with loose layers of polyurethane ester (soft) or polyethylene (hard) foam. A case supplied with foam layers can be readily customized by the end user.

Custom Foam Insert

If there are more than 3 cavities in a case, the case interior typically is deemed a custom insert because the geometry, orientation, fit and access of all components must be simultaneously addressed. There are 4 principal methods of manufacturing custom inserts: Hand-Cut, CNC Router, CNC Water jet and Die Cut.

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